Ceramic Industry

Triton Spins Off Ceracom, Acquires Ceramight

April 10, 2002
Triton Systems, Inc. (TSI) recently announced it has spun off its Extreme Environment Composites group. Named Ceracom, Inc., the spin off will manufacture ceramic and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). "The company elected to spin off Ceracom as a wholly owned affiliate in order to promote technical and business development in ceramic composite technology that targets the growing extreme environment materials markets, now in excess of $12 billion per annum," explained TSI Chairman Ross Haghighat. "In the near future, this move will result in commercial products such as modules for high temperature fuel cells, as well as defense applications including laser mirrors, rocket nozzles and turbine engine components."

In a simultaneous move, Ceracom acquired Ceramight, Ltd. of Israel. Under the agreement, Ceracom will obtain Ceramight's patented ceramic-metal composite technology, also called Ceramight(TM), and maintain a base in Yavne, Israel, as Ceracom Materials Israel (CMI) Limited.

For additional information, call (978) 250-4200, ext. 138, e-mail dwilson@tritonsystems.com or visit http://www.tritonsystems.com.