Ceramic Industry

Unifrax Corp: Full Thickness Lining System

February 4, 2003
Unifrax Corp. recently introduced its Foamfrax(R) insulation full thickness lining system, an advanced high-temperature technology for furnace lining applications. As with Foamfrax insulation, this full thickness application method offers exceptional energy savings, installation speed and lining performance. Foamfrax insulation, a monolithic insulation system, is a three-component system of specially conditioned bulk ceramic or soluble fibers, an inorganic binder and an organic foaming binder. The installation process combines the bulk fiber material with the inorganic and organic binders in a patented mixing mechanism, creating a homogeneous foam/fiber mixture. The Foamfrax installation machinery propels this mixture through a feed hose and nozzle, and the material is gunned onto the target surface.

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