Ceramic Industry

Unifrax Corp.: Thermal Insulation Products

May 4, 2001
Unifrax Corp. has introduced its Isofrax¿ 1260°C paper, the latest addition to the Isofrax family of thermal insulation products. Isofrax 1260°C paper is a unique product that is manufactured by forming Isofrax 1260°C fibre in a nonwoven matrix. The fibers are randomly oriented during manufacture and then held in place with a binder system. A specialized, statistically controlled paper making process is used to form the Isofrax 1260°C paper, which is uniform, lightweight and flexible. The new product offers many unique problem solving advantages, including high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, flexibility and ease of fabrication.

Product Information Sheets are available by calling (716) 278-3800, e-mailing info@unifrax.com or visit http://www.unifrax.com.