Ceramic Industry

Union Process: Custom Attritor

January 9, 2007

Union Process has manufactured a custom model SDL-30 dry grinding batch Attritor for a customer producing desiccants (sorbents) for the food, pharmaceutical, medical/diagnostic and electronics industries. The unit has a special cover with a Teflon shaft seal for grinding under low temperatures, and it features a vent port for liquid nitrogen as well as two ports for charging separate ingredients. With a gross tank volume of 52 gal, the mill is constructed with a 50-HP motor with a variable frequency drive (VFD). The operator station, mounted on the unit, includes start/stop pushbuttons and a speed potentiometer. The mill was also specified to have specially configured arms to improve milling efficiency.

For additional information, call (330) 929-3333, e-mail eli@unionprocess.com or visit www.unionprocess.com.