Ceramic Industry

Union Process: QC-Mill Brochure

August 29, 2001
Union Process has released a new brochure featuring the patented QC-Mill, a circulation small media mill for super fine grinding. The four-page color brochure focuses on the features of the mill that make it different from other small media mills, namely the manner in which the QC-Mill operates using a unique centrifugal high circulation mode. The mill's specially designed rotor creates strong centrifugal and shearing force inside the mill. This force, combined with the fast circulation rate of the slurry, results in efficient grinding with sharp particle size distribution. Illustrations detail the circulation system and the internal components of the unit. Engineering data on the seven available models is provided, along with the wide range of available mill options.

For a copy of the new brochure or for more information, call (330) 929-3333, fax (330) 929-3034 or visit http://www.unionprocess.com.