Ceramic Industry

Union Process: Special Application Grinding Attritor

February 14, 2005
Union Process recently produced a custom QL-100 mill, a circulation attritor designed for specialty applications. A large global specialty ink manufacturer contacted Union Process looking for an improved way to efficiently grind its viscous product. The customer had previously purchased several production-size S-200 batch mills and was looking for additional milling solutions for handling larger batches. Lab tests were done at Union Process using a Q-2 lab mill, once it was determined that the mill could handle the application. The customer later purchased a QL-6 to do pilot studies. After successful testing, the customer reviewed the parameters with Union Process and a special QL-100 was developed. The Q mills are high circulation, high flow mills distinguished by their high pumping rates, which result in a faster grind and a narrower particle size distribution. This particular unit was customized for the customer's plant, which has lower than normal ceilings. The system also was designed totally sealed so the discharge could flow uphill, rather than the typical gravity flow.

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