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USFCC Applauds Bill Introductions

March 28, 2005
The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Act of 2005, introduced by Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), is a comprehensive, 10-year initiative aimed at accelerating programs that will lead to the widespread commercialization and adoption of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Advocating a balanced mix of research and development spending, demonstration programs, government purchase programs, and programs to establish codes and standards, the Dorgan/Graham bill would authorize $4.2 billion over a five-year period, or nearly $8 billion over a 10-year period. "If enacted, this legislation will not only help us realize the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles sooner, it will help Americans power their homes and businesses more efficiently, and help us to better utilize currently imported fuels," said Robert Rose, executive director of the U.S. Fuel Cell Council (USFCC). "The adoption of these technologies will also hasten the movement to produce hydrogen from renewable energy resources like wind, solar and a variety of biofuels."

For additional information, including details on two new tax incentive bills, visit http://www.usfcc.com.