Ceramic Industry

USG Co.: Pre-Mixed Liquid Gypsum Cement

July 22, 2003
The Industrial Products Division of United States Gypsum Co. (USG) has developed READYROCK(TM) Brand Liquid Gypsum, a line of liquid gypsum-based products. Unlike traditional gypsum cements, which require on-site mixing of gypsum powder and water, READYROCK Brand Liquid Gypsum and Liquid Composite (for exterior applications) products are pre-mixed slurries that remain in a liquid state indefinitely. While conventional gypsum cements set in a predetermined amount of time that cannot be controlled by the end user, READYROCK products enable users to adjust set times as needed to meet specific production requirements. The revolutionary liquid technology redefines how and where gypsum cements can be used in traditional statuary and architectural casting industries, and makes gypsum a practical and convenient option for a wide range of other industrial and manufacturing markets.

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