Ceramic Industry

Value Engineering Alliance: Color Analysis System

September 19, 2006
The Value Engineering Alliance recently announced the availability of HueView™, an inspection technology specifically developed to deliver comprehensive color analysis of multicolored, patterned and textured items. The system can be used to measure color (in RGB, HSI or LAB space) and texture, monitor product appearance, classify/grade goods, facilitate sorting operations, assess visual similarity, or detect defects. HueView compares images of items or scenes of interest to their respective stored reference images, and optimizes its flexibility, accuracy and repeatability by operating at high spatial resolutions. The system enables inspections to be done based on color, texture or a user-selected combination of the two.

For more information, call (617) 492-1252, e-mail MarcelVEA@aol.com or visit www.The-V-E-A.com.