Ceramic Industry

Vandervoort Appointed Materials Engineer at Ceralink (posted 10/13/09)

October 13, 2009

Ceralink Inc. recently announced the hiring of Nicholas Vandervoort as a materials engineer on the company’s research and development team. In 2007, during an eight-month student co-op at Ceralink, Vandervoort successfully developed a high-temperature microwave susceptor composition that the company still uses today in its advanced Microwave Technology Center.

Vandervoort recently returned to Ceralink as a full-time engineer after completing a bachelor’s of science degree in ceramic engineering at Alfred University. In his new position, he will assist in the management of Ceralink’s commercial and government projects, including technical sales, grant writing and R&D.

“At Ceralink, we take pride in having the best materials and microwave engineers in the world,” said Patricia Strickland, CEO. “Nick’s ideas for materials innovation and his dedication to research make him a great addition to the Ceralink team.”

The company’s website is located at www.ceralink.com.