Ceramic Industry

Veeco Metrology Group: OEM Optical Metrology Module

September 12, 2001
Veeco Metrology Group has introduced the new Wyko* optical metrology module (OMM) for in-situ metrology in high-volume production environments for OEM applications. The OMM provides accurate process control metrology where it is needed most -- on the production floor -- featuring high-speed, non-contact topography measurements for feature heights from 0.1nm up to 2mm and for fields of view up to 8 mm square on advanced surfaces. Using the interferometry techniques that power Wyko optical profilers, the OMM is a stand-alone module designed to easily integrate into the user's production equipment and environment. When integrated with the user's production equipment, the gauge-capable OMM provides closed-loop feedback, minimizes part handling and meets critical measurement requirements for a wide range of applications.

Additional information can be found at http://www.veeco.com.