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Veeco Metrology Group: Scanning Probe Microscope Control System

February 14, 2002
Veeco Metrology Group has announced the release of the Digital Instruments MultiMode(TM) PicoForce(TM) scanning probe microscope (SPM) control system for demanding biology and materials research. The PicoForce system, combined with software developed specifically for force spectroscopy, enables accurate force measurements and manipulation of biological or material samples at the pico-Newton level, including inter- and intra-molecular forces, for applications ranging from drug discovery to basic molecular-scale research. "Most force spectroscopy experiments demand precise, accurate control of tip-sample separation and low-noise detection of cantilever deflection," said Bob Tench, product manager at Veeco Metrology Group. "The new PicoForce incorporates several innovations in nanotechnology that allow unprecedented control of these aspects, making this a particularly interesting product in the study of protein unfolding, antibody-antigen interactions, molecular motors, and nanoscale mechanical properties."

Additional information on the company and its products can be found at http://www.veeco.com.