Ceramic Industry

Vent that Kiln

March 25, 2009
Vent mounted on the floor. (Courtesy of Jim Bowling, assistant professor, Otterbein College Department of Art, Westerville, Ohio.)

My first real job out of college was with the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation, and I really owe those folks a lot. Looking back, I was really just a kid who knew next to nothing and managed to get by on determination and enthusiasm. They were all so patient and really just fun to be around, it (almost!) didn’t feel like work. I loved their focus on education and enjoyed knowing that I was at least a small part of helping artists achieve their best work.

In any event, I always get a kick out of working with them now on editorial for CI and PPP, and the “Venting Electric Kilns” article from our recent PPP Sourcebook issue was no exception. Tom McInnerney discusses the oxidation process and outlines the two main methods available for kiln ventilation, along with the relative benefits and drawbacks.

As you’ll read, aside from the health issues involved, venting the kiln during firing can provide a number of benefits, including brighter colors and fewer defects. Be sure to check out the full article via the link below.