Ceramic Industry

Vesuvius Invests in Monofrax

May 8, 2001
Since its purchase of Monofrax in 1997, Cookson plc/Vesuvius has invested more than $9 million in capital projects at the Falconer, N.Y., plant. These projects include the construction of a 25,000-square-foot shipping and warehouse addition, a new customer inspection area, a high voltage substation, a grinding swarf treatment plant and a cullet crushing system. Monofrax has also acquired three diamond saws, two diamond grinders, two furnace cranes, and an X-ray spectrometer. In 2000, the company acquired a new electric arc furnace, which is believed to be the largest and most technologically advanced of its kind, for the production of fusion cast alumina refractory. Vesuvius will underwrite several new projects in 2001, including another new grinder and a state-of-the-art saw for tile production.

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