Ceramic Industry

Viking Pump: Rotary Positive Displacement Pump

August 16, 2002
Viking Pump's rotary positive displacement pumps offer an alternative to centrifugal pumps.

Viking Pump's rotary positive displacement pumps, using gear and lobe principles, offer an alternative to centrifugal pumps in applications where system pressure or fluid viscosity fluctuates. In comparison with centrifugal pumps, where flow rates often change and efficiency is lost, Viking positive displacement pumps provide a near-constant flow rate with minimal efficiency change, regardless of changes in system pressure or viscosity. Viking's high NPSHR capabilities keep fluid moving with less chance of cavitation in processes where a suction lift is required or where a high vapor pressure fluid is being pumped. And, while centrifugal pumps can handle fluids to about 2500 SSU (550 cSt) viscosity, Viking pumps can handle fluids from 28 to 2,000,000 SSU (1- 440,000 cSt) viscosity.

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