Ceramic Industry

Visionglow: New Formulated Pigment

October 6, 2004
Visionglow Global Limited of Melbourne, Australia, and its U.S. Division, Visionglow of North America, LLC, have introduced a new photoluminescent material that can charge in either artificial or natural light and glow for at least 12 hours. "Our photoluminescent pigments are the most unique formulated pigments of their kind in the world," said Barry Rogers, Ph.D., chairman of Visionglow Global Limited. "We've taken the existing technology, which uses strontium materials, and reinvented it. We use a new material that has all the benefits of strontium, without the drawbacks." The pigment can be integrated into a variety of bases, such as compound plastics (both extruded and injection molded), glass, ceramic glaze coats, resins, silicone bases, and solvent- and water-based paint systems.

For more information, call (877) 799-1628 or (407) 330-1628, or e-mail VisionglowNA@aol.com.