Ceramic Industry

Volgograd Upgrades Sanitaryware Production with Sacmi

January 12, 2010

Volgograd recently invested in a new body and glaze preparation department equipped with Sacmi's modern control systems to achieve complete control of its production parameters. The company has also developed a new plaster mold construction department to improve the quality of molds and the resulting cast products.

New models will be created with Sacmi AVE040 and ALS150 casting machines, which enable Volgograd to continuously improve the quality of its products while reducing the number of unskilled personnel. A new drying department has also been opened in order to thoroughly and accurately make use of heat coming from the new tunnel kiln. Two Gaiotto glazing cells are being employed to glaze a large percentage of the total production, thus guaranteeing a high and constant level of efficiency while optimizing glaze consumption and the use of human resources.

For the firing stage, an investment has been made in a new Riedhammer TWS kiln, which is 66 m long and 2700 mm wide and features a production capacity of 1518 pieces/day. The kiln reportedly guarantees optimum energy savings and the elimination of defects due to uneven firing, which were typical problems that Volgograd experienced with its previous, older kilns.

For more information, visit www.sacmi.com.