Ceramic Industry

W.L.. Gore & Associates: Gore-Tex Joint Sealant

November 18, 2003
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. recently announced the introduction of an improved GORE-TEX(R) joint sealant. The product is now twice as strong as before, making it more creep-resistant than ever and increasing seal reliability to a level never before achieved in the product. This new performance enhancement is the latest in an ongoing series of improvements made to the joint sealant. The product was pioneered by Gore more than 30 years ago; at that time, GORE-TEX joint sealant revolutionized the industry with its ability to reliably seal a wide range of equipment flanges. Since then, the product has distinguished itself as the tightest sealing among the most commonly used gasketing materials in chemical processing plants.

For more information, call (800) 654-4229 or visit http://www.gore.com/sealants .