Ceramic Industry

WA Brickmatch Looks to Expand Brick Recycling Program

February 15, 2010

WA Brickmatch recemtly launched a new website with the aim of encouraging demolition companies and the general public in Western Australia to use its recycling program for secondhand brick, paving and roof tile rather than discard these reusable products into landfill. The recycling program sources secondhand brick and building materials from demolition sites and people who are re-roofing their homes or upgrading their paving. A dedicated in-house team of brick cleaners then hand-cleans the face brick and roof tile for resale to the public.

The focus of the recycling program is to preserve the resources of Western Australia while meeting the surging demand for recycled red paving brick that provide that “olde world” look. For more information, visit the new site at http://wabrickmatch.com.au.