Ceramic Industry

Wacker And Brenntag Announce Distribution Partnership Agreement

January 8, 2004
In a joint communication, Dirk Funke, president and CEO of WACKER Chemical Corp., and William A. Fidler, executive vice president of BRENNTAG, Inc., recently announced that a new distributor partnership has been formed between the two companies. The agreement grants BRENNTAG North American distribution rights for WACKER HDK(R) fumed silica products; WACKER HELICONE(R) HC liquid crystal special effects pigments; and a broad range of its silicone fluids, emulsions and other silicone products. "We are pleased to make this announcement, and are encouraged by the strategic business and expanded service opportunities available through our newly formed distributor partnership with BRENNTAG," said Funke. He said that the new distributor agreement is a natural extension of the successful partnership currently enjoyed by WACKER and BRENNTAG in other areas. According to Fidler, the agreement includes both the U.S. and Canada, and complements the existing regional business relationship BRENNTAG has developed over the years with WACKER.

To contact BRENNTAG, call (610) 926-6100, ext. 3858, or visit http://www.brenntaginc.com or http://www.brenntag.com . To reach WACKER, contact William J. Toth, (517) 264-8239, fax (517) 264-8175 or e-mail bill.toth@wacker.com .