Ceramic Industry

Wacker Ceramics Wins Global Powertrain Congress Excellence Award

October 7, 2002
The 2002 Global Powertrain Congress has recognized Wacker-Chemie GmbH for its Ekagrip(R) frictional coatings technology by awarding the company's WACKER CERAMICS Division with the 2002 Global Powertrain Congress Excellence Award. In the presentation made by the Congress, WACKER CERAMICS received runner-up recognition, placing second to General Motors Corp., which was honored for its Autonomy program concept car. EKagrip coatings significantly increase the coefficient of friction between powertrain engine component surfaces. The coatings permit the transmission of up to three times the load that is possible with conventional systems, without the need to modify joint design. The coatings consist of electroless nickel layers that contain defined diamond particles to give an engineering combination of optimized friction characteristics. The coatings are typically applied to both sides of thin metal washers. Upon assembly, the protruding diamond particles penetrate the mating metal surface and provide superior mechanical interlocking properties that prevent slippage.

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