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Washington Mills Subsidiary Announces Name Change (posted 2/25/08)

February 25, 2008

Orkla Exolon AS of Orkanger, Norway, has changed its name to Washington Mills AS. Orkla Exolon AS is a subsidiary of the Washington Mills Group, which is reportedly the largest silicon carbide producer in North America and the only one with U.S. environmental approval.

“This change reflects our corporate intention to continue to focus and grow our silicon carbide microgrit business,” said Ole J. Svorkdal, managing director. “We want to present a single corporate identity to the world silicon carbide market. Many of our customers are establishing operations in Asia, the U.S. and elsewhere. We want them to recognize us as the same company wherever they are.”

The Washington Mills Group acquired full ownership of Orkla Exolon in 2004. Since then, Washington Mills has made significant investments in Orkla Exolon, as well as in its silicon carbide plants in the U.S. “This has enabled our company to grow and to participate in new markets such as diesel particulate filters, photovoltaic solar cells and other growing areas,” said Svorkdal. “The decision to expand in Orkanger, Norway, may be seen as an expression of confidence in our company, our people and in Orkanger.”

The company’s policies and organization will remain the same. Its trademark for crystalline silicon carbide, CARBOREX, will continue unchanged in all areas.

Visit www.washingtonmills.com for more information.