Ceramic Industry

WBB Forms Joint Venture Company in Portugal

September 26, 2001
WBB Minerals has announced the formation of a joint venture company in Portugal with Jose Mota and Carlos Mota. The joint venture, which has been cleared by the relevant authorities, has been named WBB Mota - Sociedade de Gestora de Participacoes Sociais, S.A. (WBB Mota). The new company unites the kaolin reserves, mining and processing activities of Vialpo, Somical and Alvaraes Inertes with the prepared ceramic body facilities of WBB Cerapasta, Sopal and Prepasta under common control and management. The partners in the joint venture believe that this combination will provide unique opportunities for the development of new products and services, both to the local and wider European ceramic industries.

For additional information, call (44) 1270 752 752 or fax (44) 1270 752 753.