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What's Your Grand Slam?

February 4, 2009

The Denny’s restaurant chain lured in an estimated two million potential long-term customers on Tuesday by offering free Grand Slam breakfasts. What a great marketing idea! For the cost of one ad during the Super Bowl to announce the event, Denny’s exposure throughout North America went through the roof.

I absolutely love this quote (from CNN): “‘A lot of restaurants in the community have been going out of business, and we’re aggressively going after the business,’ Eddie Rice, owner of a Denny’s in Peoria, Illinois, told CNN affiliate WEEK-TV.” That’s the mentality we need to develop in order to create success in this economic climate.

Everyone loves to get something for free, and-assuming they had a good experience at their Denny’s of choice-most folks will certainly go back. Heck, I want to go there simply because I admire the chain for having such a great idea.

So what’s your Grand Slam? It doesn’t even have to be a freebie. Discover what you can offer to customers who just might be looking for a new supplier, and you could find your customer base expanding.