Ceramic Industry

Wienerberger Acquires Belgian Brick Producer

March 29, 2011

Wienerberger recently announced its acquisition of Heylen Bricks, a facing brick producer headquartered in Veldwezelt, Belgium. Heylen markets its products in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The company operates one facing brick plant with a production capacity of roughly 50 million WF (standard size for facing bricks) and had 39 employees in 2010.

“As announced, we want to strengthen Wienerberger with smaller profitable acquisitions in our core business, and this transaction represents a further step in the planned direction,” said Heimo Scheuch, CEO. “I see Heylen as a perfect regional addition to our facing brick plant network. With our strong sales structures in Belgium, the Netherlands and-above all-in Germany, we will be able to offer the company additional sales and marketing channels, as well as the structures sought by the family for the successful development of their company. I expect interesting opportunities and further growth for the premium Heylen products, especially in Germany, where a particular focus is placed on quality.”

For more information, visit www.wienerberger.com  or www.heylen-bricks.be.