Ceramic Industry

Woodex Bearing Co., Inc.: MECO Custom Shaft Seals

February 26, 2003
Available from Woodex Bearing Co., Inc., MECO custom shaft seals offer complete containment of dry powders and bulk solids on dryers and other rotating equipment where traditional packings fail to seal. Seals are available fully-split to simplify and speed installation and maintenance without disturbing the bearing or drive assembly. Seals can reduce vacuum dryer cycle times by up to 50% by effectively holding the vacuum. All MECO seals are custom designed and manufactured to each application. The company incorporates up to 1/4 in. of total runout/misalignment capacity into its seal designs, and bent shafts can be accommodated without reshafting.

For more information, call (800) 526-8800 or (207) 371-2210, fax (207) 371-2169, e-mail sales@mecoseal.com or visit http://www.mecoseal.com .