Ceramic Industry

Zeiss' MAT Mobile Tour Enjoys Success In U.S.

July 21, 2004

The Carl Zeiss MAT Mobile tour officially came to an end on June 24 in Thornwood, N.Y., after being on the road since early April. The MAT Mobile traveled around the U.S. for 12 weeks and made 38 scheduled stops in 18 states actively promoting materials microscopy. It was equipped with the newest microscope technology equipment released from the Zeiss factory in Germany. Approximately 750 people visited the MAT Mobile over the course of the tour, bringing samples and discussing advances in existing microscopy techniques and methods. A group of Zeiss' specialized microscopy professionals from both Germany and the U.S. was able to answer a variety of microscopy imaging questions and address complex microscopy problems found in industry today, as well as image customer samples on-site and provide suggestions for complete turn-key solutions in one customer visit.

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