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Zeiss Microscope Software Wins Microsoft Competition

January 5, 2005
The Light Microscopy division of Carl Zeiss AG, along with the Sohard AG, F├╝rth software company, recently won first place in Microsoft's 2004 .NET Solutions Competition, in the Best .NET Project category. Three software packages used to operate new Zeiss Axio Imager microscopes were submitted as an overall solution for the competition. The internal control software monitors and manages all of the microscope system's hardware components and is the interface for additional software packages. The internal operating software allows the user to operate and configure the microscope, and a contact-sensitive TFT screen, ergonomically positioned on the microscope, displays the graphical user interface. The third part of the submitted solution is a communication server that manages various peripherals that function in coordinated unison with the microscope. The software is designed so that one common interface can control all microscopes offered by Carl Zeiss.

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