Ceramic Industry

ZIRCAR Ceramic Products, Inc.: Microporous Insulation Products

May 8, 2001
ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. has announced the introduction of its ZIRPOR family of microporous insulation products. With thermal conductivity only one tenth that of ceramic fiber insulation, ZIRPOR can be an effective part of thousands of thermal process insulation applications. ZIRPOR-1 is a sintered rigid product that exhibits a bulk density of 0.30 to 0.35 g/cc (18.7 to 21.9 pcf) and has a maximum use temperature of 950°C (1724°F). ZIRPOR-2 and ZIRPOR-3 are pressed sheets of microporous insulation. These products are easily fabricated into curved panels, which makes their use in piping installations simple. ZIRPOR-4 and ZIRPOR-5 are vacuum packed microporous insulation sheets that are readily installed as backup thermal insulation in large energy consuming refractory installations.

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