Ceramic Industry

ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc.: New Brochure

October 3, 2001
"Working Hot," a new eight-page color brochure from ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. offers information on how to select high temperature, low mass thermal and electrical insulation materials. ZIRCAR Ceramics manufactures precision engineered high temperature thermal insulation, heating elements and a host of accessory products for applications including thermo-chemical heat treatment, fiber optic consolidation and drawing, nuclear energy research, laboratory furnace construction, arc chute lining, aluminum casting equipment, heat treating of metals, oxide crystal growth, analytical and test equipment, glass manufacturing and electronic ceramics production. The new literature serves to provide useful, easy-to-understand information that will help customers select the best insulation to meet specific temperature requirements.

For additional information, call (845) 651-6600, fax (845) 651-0441, e-mail sales@zircarceramics.com or visit http://www.zircarceramics.com.