Ceramic Industry

Zircar Forms Stragetic Alliance with Beijing Naoi Kizai

October 22, 2002
ZIRCAR Ceramics, Inc. recently announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Beijing Naoi Kizai. A significant part of this alliance includes the establishment of stock of many of ZIRCAR Ceramics' standard high-temperature thermal insulation and ceramic fiber products in China. Based in Beijing, Naoi Kizai has been manufacturing ceramic fiber textiles for nearly 15 years. ZIRCAR Ceramics has a 25-year history of producing high-performance ceramic fiber products. ZIRCAR Ceramics' Chinese inventory is expected to be in place in early February 2003.

For more information, call David Hamling, ZIRCAR Ceramics' vice president, at (845) 651-6600, ext. 224, or e-mail dph@zircarceramics.com . The company's website is located at http://www.zircarceramics.com .