Ceramic Industry

ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc.: ZIRCAL-18 Refractory Sheet Board

January 16, 2002
ZIRCAR Refractory Composites, Inc. recently announced the introduction of its refractory sheet board, ZIRCAL-18. ZIRCAL-18 refractory board is a high-temperature calcium silicate block insulation with excellent mechanical properties and stability up to 1100C (2000F). Its high thermal insulating value makes it ideal for many fireproofing and heat processing equipment applications. ZIRCAL-18 is designed to serve as a backup insulation for any refractory construction, such as insulating firebrick, dense refractory brick, castable, gunning mix, plastic refractory or ceramic fiber. The new refractory sheet board's high refractoriness and strength help prevent catastrophic failure of the refractory system.

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