Ceramic Industry

Zircar: Refractory Sheet Cylinders

October 23, 2000
Zircar Refractory Composites, Inc. has introduced its Type RS-202 refractory sheet cylinders. According to the company, this product was developed as a cost-effective replacement for dense mullite tubing in an induction-annealing machine. RS-202 is reportedly a lower cost cousin of the company's RS-201 cylinders, delivering the same performance but at a more cost-effective price. Both products are medium density reinforced alumina composites with a maximum use temperature of 1260C. Unlike RS-201, which has a smooth burnished outer diameter, the exterior surface of RS-202 more clearly reflects the weave of its reinforcing material. It was developed for use as a high temperature, thermal shock resistant electrical insulation material in an inductively heated tube-annealing machine. Market reports show that RS-202 lasts three times as long as the dense mullite tubing previously used, according to the company.

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