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Zircotec to Supply Coatings for British Steam Car Challenge (posted 11/27/07)

November 27, 2007
The plasma-sprayed ceramic coating from Zircotec is going to be used by the British Steam Car Challenge.

The plasma-sprayed ceramic coating from Zircotec, originally developed for the nuclear industry and currently used in Formula One, classic, performance road and track cars, is going to be used by the British Steam Car Challenge. The Challenge is attempting to bring the world land speed record for steam powered vehicles to the UK by achieving a target speed of over 200 mph.

“We are very pleased that Zircotec will support the Challenge by providing its ceramic coating technology. It will help us to achieve our target by retaining heat to give us more power and reduce external temperatures,” said Lynne Angel, director of Steam Car Co. Ltd.

The coating greatly reduces the loss of heat, offering enhanced performance and helping to protect components against thermal damage. “By coating key steam car components, such as the exhaust system, the turbine inlet, internal surfaces of the boiler boxes and heatshields, the British Steam Car Challenge design engineers will experience benefits including gains in process efficiency and improved heat management,” said Peter Whyman, Zircotec sales manager.

The coating can resist local impacts like minor knocks during maintenance and is neater, more compact and more durable than traditional insulating wraps. Unlike ceramic paints and coatings applied by other techniques, which can burn off, become brittle and lead to flaking, the Zircotec process is proven to create a highly durable coating in even the harshest applications.

For more information, visit www.zircotec.org.