Ceramic Industry

ZYP Coatings, Inc.: New Graphite Process

April 2, 2003
ZYP Coatings, Inc. recently developed the BORACARB(TM) process, which enables graphite to be engineered as a high-temperature ceramic material for use in oxidizing environments above 900C (1650F). Graphite offers many useful properties, including excellent thermal shock resistance, low cost, easy machinability, chemical resistance and good thermal conductivity. However, its main limitation is oxidation in air above about 450C. The new process is an ultra-high-temperature gas phase treatment that produces a protective "case" conversion layer similar in concept to the carburizing or nitriding of steel. With the BORACARB treatment, graphite is protected from oxidation in air up to 900C (1650F) for thousands of hours.

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