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Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook


Product Details



  • Presents a complete and updated survey of ceramic interconnect materials, technology, and applications
  • Reviews various ceramic-electronic processing and fabrication technologies, including screen printing and film deposition
  • Explores key considerations for selecting, designing, simulating, testing, and manufacturing ceramic interconnects
  • Examines cutting-edge technologies and materials suitable for application under extreme conditions



    Ceramics were among the first materials used as substrates for mass-produced electronics, and they remain an important class of packaging and interconnect material today. Most available information about ceramic electronics is either outdated or focused on their materials science characteristics. The Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook goes beyond the traditional approach by first surveying the unique properties of ceramics and then discussing design, processing, fabrication, and integration, as well as packaging and interconnect technologies.

    Collecting contributions from an outstanding panel of experts, this book offers an up-to-date overview of modern ceramic electronics, from design and material selection to manufacturing and implementation. Beginning with an overview of the development, properties, advantages, and applications of ceramics, coverage spans electrical design, testing, simulation, thermomechanical design, screen printing, multilayer ceramics, photo-defined and photo-imaged films, copper interconnects for ceramic substrates, and integrated passive devices in ceramic substrates. It also offers a detailed review of the surface, thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties of various ceramics as well as the processing of high- and low-temperature cofired ceramic (HTCC and LTCC) substrates.

    Opening new vistas and avenues of advancement, the Ceramic Interconnect Technology Handbook is the only source for comprehensive discussion and analysis of nearly every facet of ceramic interconnect technology and applications.

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